About Inbank

Inbank is a bank with Estonian roots that operates in Lithuania and nearby countries, where it provides consumer financing and depositing products. We want to use digital solutions to take our products to the places where they’re needed. Inbank currently has approximately 865 000 active client contracts in five countries.

Inbank | Mokilizingas

From this year, „Mokilizingas“ is renewing its brand. From now on you will recognize us with a new name - Inbank | Mokilizingas.

With this mark, we want to show that we are part of the Inbank Group, to which we belong since 2018. Inbank is a bank of Estonian origin that provides financing and savings services in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland. We, with the new brand Inbank | Mokilizingas, we will continue to provide you with smart financing solutions and take full care of our customers and partners. Terms of service for customers do not change, it is not necessary to rewrite previously concluded contracts.

Inbank’s mission

We help our partners sell more by simplifying purchases and making financing more accessible to our customers.


The foundation of Inbank’s strategy is to expand to new European markets with its deposit and consumer financing products. At present, Inbank operates in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Czech Republic, and we also accept deposits from Germany, Austria, Finland and the Netherlands.

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Inbank’s values

Inbank strives to be active, smart and open.

Inbank active

Inbank active

We are biased for action and we are always looking for opportunities. We expect results, value perseverance and learn from setbacks.

Inbank smart

Inbank smart

We esteem inquisitive, curious minds not afraid to challenge the status quo. We value professionalism, attention to details and practical solutions.

Inbank open

Inbank open

We are a team of specialists where each member matters. Diversity of opinion, intellectual argumentation and cooperation are highly encouraged.

Offers for talents

Inbank is seeking personalities to add to its team. Would you like to be a part of our new way of banking? If you are looking for a challenge and have experience in banking or information or communication technology, please contact us at hr@inbank.lt.

Job offers