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Fulfil your dreams, the smart way

Finance your ideas with Inbank. A quick and easy application process with an instant credit decision.


Calculate your monthly payment

Estimate your monthly payments based on the chosen loan amount and time period.

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Monthly payment

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You may be also offered different terms and conditions of the online loan, which can depend on the results of your creditworthiness and risk assessment carried out by the bank.

Smart and simple

With a small loan you can bring your ideas to life, whether they’re big or small.


Low Interest

Interest from 7,9 % per year.


No down payment

No need to pay anything when applying.


Quick and easy

The online application process takes just a few minutes.


Instant decision

Money transferred to your account within one working day.

Pick the financing most suitable for you

Compare different loan options and make the smartest choice.

Small loan

Amount 300 – 15 000 €
Period 6 – 84 months
Interest From 7,9 %
Agreement fee 3,00 %
Administration fee From 0,3 %

Renovation loan

Amount 1 500 - 20 000 €
Period 9 - 84 months
Interest From 6.9 %
Agreement fee 2,90 %
Administration fee From 0,29 %

Fast, hassle-free application process

Take these simple steps to finance your ideas.


Fill in the form

Choose a suitable monthly payment and fill in the loan application. You’ll receive a credit decision immediately.


Sign the agreement

Sign the contract using Mobile signature or Smart-ID.


Receive the money

We’ll transfer the loan amount to your bank account within one working day after signing the contract.


Planning to redecorate?

Explore your options using our Renovation loan with a limit of up to 20,000 euros and a maximum period of 84 months.


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