Deposits Make your savings earn interest

Make your savings earn interest

Interest you will earn (GROSS)

0.00 EUR

Annual interest rate -%

Financial service is offered by Inbank AS. The amount of interest is the pre-tax and calculated on the condition that the whole deposit amount has been received on our account by the start date of the agreement, all the conditions required for the entry into force of the deposit agreement have been met and the deposit amount is not withdrawn during the deposit period.

Why deposit money in Inbank?

Inbank deposit is suitable for you if you’re looking for a risk-free way of increasing your savings. Put your free money in a deposit and make your savings grow.

Best Deposit Interests

Annual deposit is up to 4,25%

Secure deposits

Deposits opened in Inbank are guaranteed by the National Guarantee Fund.

 Convenient deposits

You can open a deposit easily online.

Fixed-term Deposit

Deposit amount 300-30 000 euros
Deposit period 6-60 months
Best possible interest rate
Money cannot be withdrawn from or added to the deposit during the deposit period
0.10% higher interest rate in the case of automatic prolongation of the deposit**
Open deposit
If you select the automatic prolongation of the deposit, the interest rate on the renewed deposit is 0.10% higher than the interest rate effective on the first day of the new deposit period.

Deposit interest rates for private customer

Making your money grow is easy


Fill in the application and sign the agreement

You can submit the application and sign the deposit agreement with your ID card or Mobile-ID, or at an Inbank branch.

Identify yourself

When depositing more than 15 000 euros, you will need to identify yourself with a mobile signature, a Smart-ID qualified electronic signature, or a remote identification tool installed on our site.

Make the transfer

Transfer the amount to be deposited to Inbank’s account using the current account and reference number indicated in the agreement.

Transfer the money back to your account

At the end of the deposit period, you can transfer the money from your customer account in Inbank back to the same current account you used to open the deposit.